for brave souls ready to live in healthy relationships where freedom overcomes control, everyone is heard, and we're stronger together


We equip people to build what matters. We are a part of a movement that believes humanity thrives in an atmosphere of respect. Often we find ourselves creating, designing, parenting, working and living in an unhealthy relational environment. Just like architects and designers of physical space, we contract with businesses, organizations, families and teams ready to invest in the relational spaces they inhabit. We are skilled with a variety of quality materials such as: respect, communication, honesty, emotional space and safety. We help remove cultural prejudice like old wallpaper. If the foundation is good, we’ll recommend a redesign. Sometimes we have to get down to the foundation and rebuild. Building what matters often means building with materials we cannot see, but these materials inhabit a space as much as the lighting, floors, and furniture. Building what matters means investing in the people working and living with us, empowering each to relate well. Building what matters means: 1) each individual contributes his or her authentic self, 2) the atmosphere is vibrant and healthy, 3) blame, shame, and fear are replaced by inquiry, exploration, and collaboration, 4) movement and innovation become the norm, and 5) staleness, boredom and inefficiency disappear. You can live well in your space. We can help.


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